“Eyes wide open, we saw what this band is capable of live – namely, they do exactly as they please. Their style and their masterful leaps from one mood to another, all in the space of one song, set them a good arm’s length away from what is standard and predictable.”


“When you’re listening to [Krekhaus], you can imagine the world upside down, you can picture it stretched out, even heretically flat. They give you a sense of limitless freedom and peace of mind. […] they won’t leave your mind wandering off; in that precise moment they would crack the Led Zeppelin psychedelia and you’d be shaken to the core.”

Radio Tangra

“[Krekhaus] stand out as one of the most gutsy, fast-developing and impressive with their stage presence and original songs bands on the Bulgarian music scene.”


“[Krekhaus’ songs] bring back memories of Blackmore’s riffs, Hendrix’ solos, the Beatles modulations, James Brown’s funk and on and on. Trip hop, hip hop, jazz and stoner rock. The components are many. Maybe we should just call them fusion and be done with it. But that will still not be sufficient to describe properly their style.”

Sofia Breathes Festival

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©2019 by Krekhaus. Photos by Margarita Rousseva 2019; Lazy Visuals 2018.

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